Board Bites – November 2023

Linda Grayless, CSM, CPIW, DAE, AIS, API, ACS, AINS

This month’s blog should be titled board ‘Bundles’ and not bites! There is a lot going on in November. This is a month of important dates and deadlines to remember. Local Presidents and Council Directors 990-N forms are due by November 15.

Award Applications are due to be emailed to your RVP on November 15 before midnight. The applications must be typed and remember to use the correct form/current version. If you have saved your information in an older form and tracked your activities there, see that you transfer it to the correct form. I encourage everyone to look at the various awards and find one that fits what you do. I am a project manager/business analyst, which one would I qualify for? Client Service Professional of the Year – I applied! An award to recognize members whose primary responsibility is in a service capacity with internal and/or external customers. It is particularly intended to include IT professionals, human resources, accounting, actuarial, industry support (i.e. restoration, repair, etc.), and customer service representatives in the insurance and all supporting industries.

I challenge you all to fill up your RVP’s mailbox with award applications. Let’s have at least one winner from each category advance and compete at the international convention.

Check out the Community Calendar for various webinars and courses being offered. Be sure and invite representatives from your Human Resources department to attend the IAIP Talent Development Webinar.

Finally, it is November and soon to be Thanksgiving. May your mashed potatoes not be lumpy! If so, just pour on more gravy.

Linda Grayless, CSM, CPIW, DAE, AIS, API, ACS, AINS is the Region V Vice President. She has been a member of IAIP since 2005 and has worked for American National Insurance Company since 1993.

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