By rosalyn “roz” horton, CIIP-PIAM It is July 2015 and I am no longer the International President of IAIP.  In March 2014, I had retired from the corporate world.  Now what? I thought my life would take a lighter path after my presidency.  No board/committee meetings or Zoom calls. Think again. There is always something to

Lisa R Hardin, CPCU, CIPW, AIC, AIS, ACS, AINS, SCLA, DAE, CLP Every month a member of the IAIP Board of Directors will bring insight into the current happenings of IAIP. Previously, a board member would provide similar information as an introduction in the Connections newsletter. We’ve streamlined the newsletter and moved the message to

By E. Faye Evans It’s July 2008, my term as International President ended in June. Now what? What’s going to change? After five years of serving as Region III RVP, International Secretary, International Vice President, International President Elect and International President, I was not sure. I realized – not much. I had made the decision

by Vikki Angelo, AIC, ITP, CPIW, CLP, CCA, CLC                             Region IV Vice President RVPs are being asked to write a blog article rather than an introduction article for the Connections newsletter. I hate to admit it, but I have never written a blog. Since this is my first attempt, I wanted to be sure I

By Jonel Thames Leake, CPCU, ASLI, AAI, CPIW, DAE, CLP Now that the Learning Management System (LMS) or On Demand catalog has been available for a few months, we have heard one question time and time again. People are asking “Where did the self-study guide go?”.  This article will solve that mystery. Our IAIP courses