FIT Tips for Surviving the Holidays

  1. Keep your schedule. If you already have a workout routine – keep to it. If you don’t, plan time for your workouts. Put them on your calendar like all your other holiday events. And make them a priority by scheduling them in the morning.
  2. Go small. If you find you don’t have time for your full workout – break it up. A 20-minute walk at lunch, followed by another 20 minutes of yoga after work may be easier to fit in. Remember any movement is better than none.
  3. Get creative. Make elevators off limits from Thanksgiving to New Year’s and always take the stairs. Get outside but remember to dress for the temperature. Tis the season for ice skating, snowshoeing and skiing. Try something new.
  4. Get a workout buddy. Accountability is a great motivator. And so is a little friendly competition. Someone misses a workout, they by the coffee or smoothie or have wear elf-socks and a hat for the next workout. Make it fun.
  5. Sign up for a holiday race. Many charities have 5K, 10K and Fun Runs this time of year. Get a group together, dress-up like reindeer and raise money for a good cause all while getting your steps in.
  6. Remember to hydrate. Eggnog, peppermint lattes, and happy hours galore! All drinks filled with calories and not the best at keeping you hydrated. So, it’s important to remember to push the water, especially in colder climates where the air is dry this time of year. Treat yourself to a festive water bottle and keep it close. Then have Alexa remind you to drink water!
  7. Eat before you go. Have a light, healthy snack before you go to that holiday party, and don’t fast all day in anticipation. This will help prevent you from overindulging. Take time to enjoy the moment, the company and the socializing and bypass all the heavy snacks.
  8. Choose one day to indulge. Is there one party, event, or meal you look forward to every year? Maybe its Grandma’s special stuffing, your best friend’s to-die-for dessert, or a peppermint martini? Pick one special event or day to indulge, to enjoy the things you like about the season. One day during the season isn’t going to derail your hard work, but an entire season of indulging will.
  9. Let go of some of the stress. Ask yourself “Do I really have to _______?” Maybe its sending holiday cards to your entire address book or decorating every room and window in your house. Do you really have to host the big holiday dinner every year? If you really want to then go for it, but if its more of a chore, figure something else out.
  10. Pick five. Write down five of your favorite body weight exercises. Squats, planks, Russian twists, leg lifts and wall sits are some of mine. What are yours? Do each of them for 30 seconds for one circuit. Repeat. The thought is it’ll be easier to do because they’re your favorites.

Here’s to a fun and FIT Holiday Season.


FIT Task Force   

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