Insurance Blessings: Counting the Ways We’re Thankful in Our Industry

By Katharine M. Nohr, J.D.

In a world with so many uncertainties, the insurance industry stands as a steadfast guardian, providing peace of mind, financial protection, and a safety net for individuals and businesses alike. Every policy written, every claim processed, and every beneficiary assisted paints a broader stroke in the canvas of security and assurance that the insurance industry brings. As you enjoy Thanksgiving with your family and friends, pause to reflect, and count the blessings that our industry bestows upon us. Here’s a heartfelt enumeration of why we are truly thankful for the insurance industry.

  1. Job Opportunities

Members of IAIP have long benefited from the many opportunities we have in the insurance industry for employment. Even when we occasionally need to change jobs, there’s another even better job waiting for us. And networking with IAIP members can provide a path to finding those new and exciting opportunities.

  • 2.     Providing a Safety Net
    • At its core, insurance is a safety net, catching us when unforeseen circumstances try to pull us down. Be it health issues, accidents, or natural disasters, insurance policies ensure that individuals and businesses can recover and rebuild without bearing the entire financial burden alone. This safety net is an immense blessing, allowing society to move forward amidst adversity with hope and resilience. With the many climate disasters, the world is facing—from Maui to Morocco–this has become incredibly important.
        • 3.    Fostering Economic Stability

Insurance plays a pivotal role in fostering economic stability and development. By safeguarding businesses and individuals against losses, insurance facilitates investment, innovation, and entrepreneurial endeavors. This, in turn, fuels economic growth and prosperity, making the industry an indispensable pillar of societal progress.

4.     Promoting Responsible Behavior

         Insurance promotes a culture of responsibility and mindfulness. It encourages people to adopt safer practices, be it in health, driving, or business operations. For instance, health insurance incentivizes individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle to qualify for lower premiums, while auto insurance encourages safer driving habits.

  • 5.      Customization and Flexibility
    •     The insurance industry’s ability to offer tailored solutions to meet unique needs and preferences is particularly beneficial to businesses. Customization in policies allows for flexibility and choice, enabling customers to select coverages that align perfectly with their requirements and financial capabilities.
  • 6.    Continuous Innovation
    • The insurance industry is a hotbed of innovation and technological advancement. From telematics in auto insurance to telemedicine in health insurance, the industry continually evolves to offer enhanced services, efficiency, and convenience to its customers, staying abreast with the changing times and emerging risks. This will be particularly important with increased cyber security issues and the growth of AI.
  • 7.     Navigating the Pandemic

    •         During the global pandemic, the insurance industry adapted swiftly to new challenges, providing necessary coverages, extending services, and supporting customers. Companies were able to adapt and allow employees to work remotely and provided coverage for Covid19 vaccinations and treatment.
  • 8.    Environmental Consciousness
    •     The insurance industry plays a role in promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness. Through various policies and practices, like encouraging green buildings and sustainable businesses, the industry fosters a more resilient and sustainable world.

    9.      IAIP

And, of course, the insurance industry is what brings us all together as an association to offer leadership, networking, education, mentoring and other opportunities to allow members to grow and flourish.

This Thanksgiving, pause and give thanks to the insurance industry. As we navigate the uncertain future, the insurance industry stands as a beacon, illuminating paths of recovery, resilience, and reassurance. And let’s be thankful for IAIP and our friends and colleagues across the U.S. and the world.

Katharine M. Nohr, J.D. has been a member of IAIP since 2002. She has served as president of the Honolulu Association of Insurance Professionals (HAIP), Hawaii State Council Director, RVP of Region VIII, and has served on many IAIP committees and task forces. She is an insurance defense attorney in Hawaii.

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