Legacy Foundation Task Force: Please Join Us!

By Donna Whited, CLP-A

Are you considering volunteering for an IAIP Task Force? If so, consider the Legacy Foundation Task Force.

I have served on this task force for two years. The first year, I served as RVP representative. I was the member that served on both the Legacy Foundation and the Legacy Foundation Task Force. I update the task force on initiatives of the Legacy Foundation.

When I first joined this task force, I had no idea their importance of supporting the promotional efforts of the Legacy Foundation. The second year, I applied to join the task force to help promote the Legacy Foundation scholarships and grants offered to IAIP Members.

Did you know the task force promotes the regional competition? They choose the theme for the competition, set the regional goals, and conceptualize and approve the graphic for the competition. And, as you know, the regions love to compete!

Another fundraising event sponsored by the task force is the silent auction. The task force members secure the items for the auction and set a monetary goal. This auction gives members the opportunity to win great items and help fund the scholarships and grants awarded by the Legacy Foundation.

If you are interested in promoting the Legacy Foundation and supporting the fundraising necessary to provide scholarships and grants, then join this task force! Use your talents and knowledge to help increase the contributions made to the Legacy Foundation each year! Submit your volunteer application by June 1.

Donna retired from the life insurance industry after working for over 45 years with two independent life insurance agents at The White Planning Group. Donna met with prospective clients to review their estate planning needs and provide a life insurance plan to meet those needs. She also provided customer service to their many clients. Donna‚Äôs work experience included working with several life insurance carriers. Donna was a member of the Life Underwriters Association. Donna has been a member of IAIP for 33 years and has earned her CLP-A designation. She has served as Regional Vice President for Region II for the last four years and serves on the Legacy Foundation Task Force and is a Legacy Foundation Director.  

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