Meet Your Candidate for International Secretary: Lisa R Hardin, CPCU, CPIW, AIC, AIS, ACS, AINS, SCLA, DAE, CLP

IAIP is on a transformation journey to better serve our industry and the professionals working in it. Our focus has been on completing the many initiatives we began with that transformation goal in mind. We’ve created new products, talent development programs, corporate memberships, and enhanced our educational and leadership development offerings. We continue to strive to be the association of choice for our members and the industry.

With this in mind, what do you see as our next steps to ensure we are on the path to success?

As I’m pondering this question, it’s the start of a new year and we’ve concluded Capital Campaign 2.0, which raised over $42,000.  I’m awestruck.  It speaks volumes about the confidence level the membership has in the plans the Board of Directors has put forth.

While we’ll continue to enhance the website redesign and functionality, the next steps I’m most excited about are the Learning Management System (LMS) and the Corporate Marketing Campaign.  I was Region V RVP when the idea of the LMS-system to support video-based learning of our educational programs was originally proposed. Seeing it become a reality is proof of the power of goal setting and how the members of IAIP work together.

Once the LMS-system is up and running, IAIP’s educational products will be formatted to industry expectations, and we can truly sell ourselves as the Association of Choice for leadership development, education and networking.

Part of the funds raised in Capital Campaign 2.0 are designated for a marketing campaign that includes paid advertising to get our name in front of our target markets – yes, you read that right – PAID advertising.  We’ll also upgrade our LinkedIn profile, brand our new initiatives and create a content marketing strategy.

As a Member and Officer of IAIP I’d obtain recommendations from marketing professionals on how to generate interest in our Corporate Membership and talent development programs and increase IAIP name recognition.  For too long we’ve relied on internal sources for association promotion, which is why we’re still the industry’s “best kept secret”.  We need to make some noise and call attention to ourselves.

Since COVID limited travel, my husband & I have been exploring Wisconsin’s State Parks.  Some trails are short, some are long, some are out-and-back, some are circular and some branch off and connect to others. While it’s fun to take a side trip, I really want to see where the path we’re on right now takes us.  The steppingstones are set in front of us, and we’ve got our compasses, so let’s keep moving forward.  I know the view up ahead is going to be spectacular.


I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point with a B.S. in Business-Administration-Finance.   After a brief stint in retail customer service, I started my insurance career with Sentry Insurance in 1990 as a Commercial Lines Rater.  In 1994, I moved to claims. Currently I’m a Claims Specialist handling large exposure liability claims for Sentry’s National Accounts area.  This requires responding to claims in all 50 states and maintaining 15 adjuster licenses.

Every day I encounter many types of people, including individuals who’ve never filed a claim before, attorneys on both sides of the table, judges and mediators, risk managers, brokers, and C-level executives. They all have different and usually opposing views. However, by treating all of them with respect and professionalism, rarely do any of my claims go to trial.

I joined IAIP in 1994 as a member of Mid-Wisconsin Insurance Association in Region V and immediately became involved. 

My IAIP Activities include:

Mid-Wisconsin Insurance Association

•   Local President– 3 times 

•   Council Planning Committee Chair – 2 times 

•   Member/Chair all committees

•   Rookie of the Year – 1996

•   Claims Professional of the Year – 1998, 2003

Wisconsin Council – 24 Meetings Attended

•   Council Director – 2004-2005

•   Membership Chair – 1998-1999, 2007-2008

•   Council Funds Chair – 2005-2006

•   7-time CWC Contestant/Winner

•   Chair/Member all committees

Region V – 22 Conferences Attended

•   Regional Vice President – 2017-2019

•   Nominating Committee Chair 2021

•   2010 Conference Committee Chair

•   Chair/Member all committees

•   5-Time CWC Contestant

•   Region V Claims Professional of the Year – 2004

•   Region V Insurance Professional of the Year – 2021

International – 11 Conventions Attended

•   IAIP Board of Directors 2017-2019

•   NAIW Legacy Board of Directors – 2020-2022

•   National Nominating Committee – 2013, 2020

•   Social Media Ad Hoc Task Force – 2018-2019

•   Non-Dues Revenue Task Force – 2018-2020

•   Future of IAIP Convention Task Force – 2018-2019

•   Membership Engagement Task Force– 2021-2022

•   FIT Committee – 2021-2022

•   Claims Professional of the Year – 2004

I also participate in several local United Way events including the Portage County Cultural Festival, Project Fresh Start, and Walk Wisconsin.  I’ve taught classes on community building and ethics through Junior Achievement and trained as a trishaw pilot for Cycling Without Age.

My husband Jon & I have been married 36 years. We love traveling, biking, and hiking.  Prior to the pandemic we did martial arts together.  I’m a 3rd Degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Jon’s a 2nd Degree.  We have two children Rachel (32) and Ryan (25) and two cats Leo and Lola.

International Secretary Election Process Overview

Every member in good standing will have a vote in the election of the 2022-2023 International Secretary. We encourage you to exercise your right to vote! The electronic ballot will be distributed to the membership via email in April and will remain active for a two-week voting period.

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  1. Very impressed with candidate and believe she will go forward with confidence and passion in IAIP.

  2. I can’t think of a more qualified individual nor a more dedicated member. My vote is for Lisa. I hope all of Region I will join in this decision.

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