The Best Kept Secret in the Insurance Industry: Shh! Tell Everyone

By Katharine M. Nohr, J.D.

The insurance industry is challenging, and surprisingly, a reservoir of hidden gems. One of these gems, shining brilliantly yet often overlooked, is the International Association of Insurance Professionals (IAIP). So, what exactly makes IAIP the best kept secret in the insurance industry?

Established in 1942, IAIP has earned its place in the industry as an association designed to cultivate, elevate, and promote its members’ skills and credentials in the insurance sector. Today, IAIP is home to thousands of professionals hailing from diverse insurance backgrounds. Let’s delve into why IAIP deserves to be more than a well-guarded secret in the industry.

Networking and Global Reach

IAIP is a global community that includes insurance agents, claims adjusters, risk managers, underwriters, brokers, customer service professionals, insurance defense attorneys, vendors, and more. This breadth of diversity creates an unparalleled association where members can share ideas, discuss industry trends, and establish lasting professional and personal relationships.

Education and Professional Development

At the heart of the IAIP lies a profound commitment to education and professional development. Members gain access to a wealth of resources including webinars, online training courses, designations, certifications, and conferences. IAIP facilitates learning through its educational programs, specifically tailored to accommodate the ever-evolving dynamics of the insurance industry.

With a focus on both broad industry perspectives and specialized knowledge areas, IAIP’s programs offer something for everyone. Whether you’re new to the industry and seeking to build foundational knowledge, or an established professional looking to refine your expertise, IAIP has resources to aid in your development.

Leadership Opportunities

For those interested in honing their leadership skills, IAIP offers abundant opportunities. Members are encouraged to actively participate in various roles, from committee and task force memberships to local, council, regional, or international leadership positions. These leadership roles enhance your marketability, demonstrating a commitment to the insurance profession and showcasing the ability to handle responsibility and manage diverse teams.

IAIP’s Certified Leadership Program further strengthens this prospect. It is a comprehensive program designed to build and hone leadership skills through structured learning. Participation in the program not only endows the members with refined leadership skills, but also improves their marketability and growth potential.

Confidence While Communicating

IAIP recognizes the pivotal role effective communication plays in the professional sphere. It offers a specially designed program, Confidence While Communicating (CWC), aimed at improving public speaking skills. By participating in this program, members can overcome public speaking apprehension, enhance presentation skills, and foster overall confidence in communication.

Career Advancement

Another significant advantage of IAIP membership is the boost it provides to career advancement. Through networking opportunities, educational resources, and leadership roles, IAIP equips members with the tools to excel in their careers.

Community and Events

Finally, IAIP offers more than professional resources; it offers a sense of community. Navigating the insurance industry can be challenging, but as part of IAIP, you’re never alone. IAIP provides a support network, a professional family that shares in your challenges, revels in your triumphs, and understands your journey.

In addition to its annual international convention, each of IAIP’s regions also hosts annual conferences. These events, along with numerous local and state counsel gatherings, not only foster professional growth but also facilitate deeper connections among members, thereby bolstering the sense of community within IAIP.

IAIP, the International Association of Insurance Professionals, offers an impressive array of benefits for anyone involved in the insurance industry. It is, indeed, a well-kept secret that deserves greater recognition and wider reach. So, let’s break the silence and tell everyone about IAIP — it’s a secret worth sharing!


Katharine M. Nohr, J.D. has been a member of IAIP since 2002. She has served as president of the Honolulu Association of Insurance Professionals (HAIP), Hawaii State Council Director, RVP of Region VIII, and has served on many IAIP committees and task forces. She is an insurance defense attorney in Hawaii.

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