The Road to the 2024 IAIP Convention – Scottsdale – June 7-9

BY Cherri Harris, MSBA, CPIA, CLP, CIIP

Where are you traveling with your IAIP Membership? The road starts with your initial investment – a new membership, but also with membership renewal. This is when you get to decide on your direction. Do you continue on the same road or pave a new one? Either way – it is the excitement of what’s ahead – the next CLP or CLP-A course, the in-person or virtual networking meeting, and the upcoming council meeting. We leave meetings refreshed, with a full tank of networking, education, connecting or reconnecting, and one step closer to a designation. We are at the perfect resting area to reflect and provide a summary of our accomplishments and future goals to our manager as we eagerly await our regional conference or take another course or two. We could decide to pave a new road and add a stop along the route to bring a co-worker along for the ride. This would enable them to experience first-hand what we have been revving about. When we arrive, not only will we refill our own tank with more networking, education and connections, but we will help others fill theirs.

Does the road stop there? No. The most important stop is just ahead. A place and time like no other. A place that we have been driving toward for a year. The ultimate refueling stop (no not Buc-ees – it’s better than that) The IAIP Convention! Where networking is bigger, where education offerings are broader, where connections are stronger and where the rubber meets the road. No where else will your membership catapult you to the next level and allow you to see all the things IAIP has to offer. So now is the time to put the pedal to the metal and attend the 2024 IAIP Convention in-person this June in Scottsdale, Arizona!



Where is the 2024 IAIP Convention Location? Double Tree Resort Paradise Valley – Scottsdale

How do I ask for employer support? Justification Toolkit

What is the education line up? Agenda

Who is the keynote speaker? Erin O’Malley

Cherri Harris, MSBA, CPIA, CLP, CIIP

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