By Brenda McDermott, CPCU, SCLA, CIIP, SCLA, ARM, AIDA Email etiquette. We’ve all heard that phrase before, right? So, what is email etiquette and why does it matter? In a world where more and more of our conversations are made by that faceless, emotionless form of communication that fills up our inboxes, it is even

The Today’s Insurance Professionals blog is driven by member-written content. Our goal is to have a new blog post every week. You’ve seen, and hopefully read, articles submitted by ‘The Top Three’ – Sue Quimby, Geraldine Plot and Jonel Thames Leake. But any member can submit a blog post. I hear you saying, “But I’m

By Geraldine Plott, CPCU, SCLA, FCLA, AIC, ARM, AIS, AINS, CIIP, DAE, CLP-A Over the last year several new buzzwords have been in the industry news – ‘quiet quitting’ and ‘quiet firing’. The newest is ‘quiet hiring’. Experts at Gartner ( listed this trend as one of the top workforce predictions for 2023. According to those

By Robert Tiger FCAS, MAAA “Imposter syndrome is the providence of the successful, of the high achievers, of the perfectionists. That’s the irony.” – Katie Hilton At some point, you may have asked yourself “what am I doing here?” Or thought “I don’t belong.” Or told yourself, “I’ll fake it until I make it.” You

A First Timer’s Perspective If you’ve never been to an IAIP International Convention, why not be a first timer at the 2023 IAIP International Convention in Providence, Rhode Island? We had a large group of first timers in Louisville in 2022. Here are what a couple of the first timers from 2022 had to say

(Candidates listed in alphabetical order. Please read to the end.) Membership feedback is important, and all members should feel they have a voice. In the past few years, many new initiatives have been developed in direct response to membership feedback. These initiatives have added value and enhanced IAIP’s presence among industry professionals.  What newly implemented