An introvert as a leader


There are many misconceptions about whether an introvert can lead.

Some of them say we are antisocial, shy, arrogant, nerds and incapable of being good leaders. I know there are some people who, like me, felt intimidated from developing as leaders because of those same false ideas. Don’t let the ideas that others may have limit you. Make up your mind, take the step forward. One of the wonders of IAIP is that you have so many mentors.

As an introvert I decided to embrace my good qualities and to work on the ones I need to strengthen. IAIP has offered me opportunities where I can improve my qualities, acquire competencies and skills. Thanks to the association I have been able to develop as a leader in different roles.

My recommendation if you want to begin this journey in your development as a leader is that you start by making a list of the qualities that you think a leader should have. Then identify the ones you already have and the ones you need to develop or strengthen. Choose a mentor or several mentors. Develop a plan and put it into action. Remember to surround yourself with people who encourage you to continue with your goals.

My journey is not over yet, I am still in development. Grateful for IAIP, which has been the ship that has taken me on this journey called leadership. I still have some destinations left on this trip, so I hope to see you in one of them.

Niaris Rabell, MS-RMI, AINS, AIS, API, CLP, CIIP, CIC, CRM, CISR has been a member of IAIP since May 2018. Since becoming a member, she has served on the board of directors of AsociaciĆ³n de Profesionales de Seguros de Puerto Rico. She believes that education is progress and transformation and is always in pursuit of educational experiences.

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