By Katharine M. Nohr, J.D. One of the biggest challenges that any professional organization faces is member retention. While IAIP offers many benefits to members, some choose not to renew due to economic hardship, job change, lack of employer support, burn out, or disenchantment. Consider how much easier it is to bring back former members

Linda Grayless, AIS, API, ACS, AINS, CSM, CPIW, DAE IAIP Week is the week beginning the third Sunday in May each year—May 21 this year. Traditionally banquets, special luncheons and other activities are held by local associations to celebrate the accomplishments of the association and professionals in the industry. Is your local association hosting an

by Linda A McCann, CPCU, AAI, CPIW Many of you don’t realize just how “powerful” your email can be! If you send an email to: The chance of your email being opened is about 99%. They know you; they know the agency or company you represent… you are their customer and therefore important to them!

The Today’s Insurance Professionals blog is driven by member-written content. Our goal is to have a new blog post every week. You’ve seen, and hopefully read, articles submitted by ‘The Top Three’ – Sue Quimby, Geraldine Plot and Jonel Thames Leake. But any member can submit a blog post. I hear you saying, “But I’m

A First Timer’s Perspective If you’ve never been to an IAIP International Convention, why not be a first timer at the 2023 IAIP International Convention in Providence, Rhode Island? We had a large group of first timers in Louisville in 2022. Here are what a couple of the first timers from 2022 had to say