By Cindy Reeves The hours and days after an accident can be incredibly overwhelming for a vehicle owner. If a customer is in need of a replacement vehicle during repairs, they can now expect their length of rental to be above 15 days, according to Enterprise’s recent Length of Rental data. Contributing factors to this

by Nick Beltramo, SalesScreenInsurance companies have a problem: with most of their sales force employed on a 1099 basis, turnover has been averaging between 80-90% annually. So how can insurance agencies deal with this massive issue? The insurance category has a massive problem: Turnover. With huge quantities of 1099s and very few employees on a

By Katharine M. Nohr, J.D. One of the biggest challenges that any professional organization faces is member retention. While IAIP offers many benefits to members, some choose not to renew due to economic hardship, job change, lack of employer support, burn out, or disenchantment. Consider how much easier it is to bring back former members

Linda Grayless, AIS, API, ACS, AINS, CSM, CPIW, DAE IAIP Week is the week beginning the third Sunday in May each year—May 21 this year. Traditionally banquets, special luncheons and other activities are held by local associations to celebrate the accomplishments of the association and professionals in the industry. Is your local association hosting an

Brenda McDermott, CPCU, SCLA, CIIP, SCLA, ARM, AIDA Inflation, supply chain issues, increased catastrophic losses from climate change, and higher and higher nuclear verdicts mean that insurance carriers are facing higher loss costs and loss ratios to their premium dollar. When that happens insurance carriers must look at opportunities to reduce the costs and expenses

by Linda A McCann, CPCU, AAI, CPIW Many of you don’t realize just how “powerful” your email can be! If you send an email to: The chance of your email being opened is about 99%. They know you; they know the agency or company you represent… you are their customer and therefore important to them!

Reblogged with permission from Pathway, IAIP’s sponsor spotlight for April So, your dutifully nurtured lead has said “yes” to your offer. Hurray! The deal is done, and it’s time to celebrate with confetti and cupcakes, right?  Well… not quite.  New clients don’t stop shopping around just because they’ve chosen an insurance plan. They might renew