Goal-Oriented? It’s a Good Thing!

By Regina Lemanowicz, CLP

I learned at a very young age—in elementary school—that I have a goal-oriented personality. Our teacher assigned the class to read five books during the summer. I decided to up it to 10. That was hard since I lived in a very rural area with only a bookmobile that came around once a month. I convinced the driver to let me check out more books than allowed. When school started again, I was so proud when the teacher told the class that I was the only student that achieved the goal and surpassed it. My excitement quickly dwindled when the whispers started (teacher’s pet). Mrs. Wilson told the class achieving goals was an important tool that we would carry with us as we journey through life, and to be prepared when we don’t always achieve our goals.  

When I am asked to chair a committee or perform any task my first question is—What are my goals?

Goals are a great way to hold ourselves accountable, even if we fail. Setting goals also helps us prioritize things. Being goal oriented is striving to complete specific tasks to reach a certain outcome. It means that you are driven and motivated by a sense of purpose.

Goals are important:

Focus. Goals keep you focused.

Plan of Action. Goals help you make a plan of action.

Motivation. Goals get you motivated.

Your Potential. Goals help you actualize your potential.

Commitment. Goals keep you committed.

Skills and qualities that help you succeed:

Positivity – Stay positive and optimistic.

Self-awareness – Learn from failures.

Time management – Don’t try to do too much.

Analytical – Set clear and specific goals.

Being goal oriented means setting aside the desire for instant gratification so that one can patiently work towards goals. Separate larger goals into smaller, more manageable ones. Keep track of your progress and always celebrate your achievements. It is also about setting a vision, developing a roadmap, staying committed, and continuously adapting and learning. It’s a journey that demands dedication, perseverance, and a positive mindset.

The number one rule when goal setting is to set one that excites you, no matter what is happening in the world around you. Visualize your goals and remember to stay adaptive.

Regina Lemanowicz, CLP joined IAIP in 2002. She is a member of the San Diego Association of Insurance Professionals and a dual member of the Insurance Professionals of Orange County. She serves on the SDAIP board as Secretary and is the chairperson for several committees. Regina is the Co-Chair of the International Member Engagement & Services Task Force and the Region VII Marketing Director. Regina is the Council Consultant to the CA Council Director Elect and the current Safety Liaison for the California Council. She has served as the Assistant to the California Council Director and Assistant to the Regional Vice President. She has previously served on the California Council level as Public Relations Chair from 2020-2022 and Public Relations Liaison in 2008, 2009, 2018 and 2019. Regina is involved with several industry organizations and is a board member of her homeowner’s association.

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