By Jonel Thames Leake, CPCU, AAI, ASLI, CPIW, DAE, CLP

Our financial planner recently asked my husband and me to fill out a budget of proposed expenses for when we retire. I am budgeting for my gym membership, travel and my IAIP membership. I discovered some good news regarding the cost of my membership. There is a retirement dues discount if you meet certain requirements. If you have been a member of IAIP for at least five years, are fully retired, and will be at least 65 years of age on your next renewal date, you may be eligible for the discount. As of now, the discount is 50% off your international dues. For those members who also belong to a local association, you would need to ask, but many also provide discounts to retired members.

Some people may wonder why I would still want to continue my membership once I am retired. I look forward to taking more classes, participating more fully in the special interest groups (SIC) and in the online community. IAIP offers so much and, as a full-time employee, I sometimes don’t have the time to do as much as I would like. When meetings or classes are during the day, I must use my lunch break to attend. When it is a 4:00 PM meeting, that is challenging! Once my time is my own, I will be able to say yes more often. The Retirement SIC offers many interesting sessions, and I can’t wait to get involved. Also, just because I will be retired doesn’t mean I don’t want to continue learning. I am passionate about insurance and IAIP and I envision taking classes long after I retire. Learning keeps you young! I also plan on teaching more classes.

I have received many benefits from my IAIP membership, but the greatest one is the connections and friends I have made along the way. I cherish those connections and remaining a member will make it easier for me to maintain those.

So, if you are at retirement age, or are just planning like me, I urge you to keep the retirement dues discount in mind. To see if you qualify, you need to ask at your next renewal period. I hope that you will join me in renewing your membership for years to come.

Jonel Thames Leake, CPCU, AAI, ASLI, CPIW, DAE, CLP is the current Region I Vice President. Jonel has been an active member of IAIP since she was in her twenties. She will be celebrating her fortieth anniversary of joining in a few years and she looks forward to reaching other milestones!

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