Life after Serving as President of IAIP

By rosalyn “roz” horton, CIIP-PIAM

It is July 2015 and I am no longer the International President of IAIP.  In March 2014, I had retired from the corporate world. 

Now what? 
I thought my life would take a lighter path after my presidency.  No board/committee meetings or Zoom calls. Think again. There is always something to do if you are a member of IAIP.  I suddenly found myself on the Legacy Task Force immediately after my term as president. Then, a couple of years later, I was the chair, leading the members of the Task Force to raise money for scholarships and grants. In 2021 I stepped forward and became chair of the Legacy Foundation Board for two years. And, among these duties I still found time to participate on the Convention Task Force and the Retirees SIC.  And, I volunteered to do all of these things, I didn’t wait to be asked to assist. 

So, being a retired IAIP member doesn’t mean you can’t stay involved.  There is always someone or something that can benefit from your leadership and coaching skills. You can continue to be an outstanding member and help IAIP and the Legacy Foundation grow and prosper. You may not wish to be in charge, but there are small tasks and short-term committee assignments that you can join. I would venture to say we have more knowledge and experience than some of the best companies in today’s market.

Don’t sit back and keep that experience and knowledge to yourself.  Statistics have proven keeping yourself physically active and mentally challenged adds years to your life expectancy. What a great legacy you could leave for those who follow; a legacy of service to an association that has been nurturing and grooming their members to succeed, whether in their personal or professional lives.

IAIP values each of their members regardless of their membership status. As for me, I may be retired from the corporate world, but I will never retire from IAIP, and I hope you feel the same.rosalyn “roz” horton, CIIP-PIAM served as International President in 2014-2015.  She has been a member of IAIP since August 1992. During her time of membership, she has served on, or chaired, numerous council, regional and international committees/task forces. Serving as chair of the Legacy Foundation Task Force and immediate past chair of the Foundation Board over the past several years. During her off time, from IAIP and the foundation, she is a supporter of Safe Haven Family Shelter, a halfway house for families recovering from homelessness. She is a member of Beta Sigma Phi, a cultural enrichment and community outreach sorority, and currently serves as treasurer of their 2024 TN state meeting.   

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