For me, one of the greatest benefits that IAIP offers is being able to connect with other members. Like a big family where we can share our knowledge, experiences, and skills. It is like having a key to a door that will lead you to a great transformation. And that key is mentoring.

Mentoring can be defined as a relationship in which an individual receives support for his or her personal development of someone with attributes to which you aspire.

In the mentoring process there are the following elements:

  • Connection – There is a “click” between the mentor and the mentee. A relationship of respect, honesty, and genuine concern for personal development.
  • Expectation – Be clear on what you want to achieve.
  • Support – Your mentor will be of service to you. Achieving in the process: help, assistance, education to discover everything you are capable of.
  • Conclusion – What happens next? You’re ready for a new experience! You will have the opportunity to expose yourself to other mentors for further development or expertise and you can even be a mentor for someone else.

Go ahead and approach that member you want to learn from, make the connection and start your transformation.

Niaris Rabell, MS-RMI, AINS, AIS, API, CLP, CIIP, CIC, CRM, CISR has been a member of IAIP since May 2018. Since becoming a member, she has served on the board of directors of Asociación de Profesionales de Seguros de Puerto Rico. She believes that education is progress and transformation and is always in pursuit of educational experiences.

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