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When you hear the word delegation what do you think of? Many of us may have a negative thought of a boss or co-worker who pass along tasks and projects that they don’t want to do, right? When done correctly, delegation can be a positive thing and involve a manager expanding the skillset and growth

Are you taking the risks posed by the sharing economy into consideration when you talk to your clients or companies? Are you looking for that thing that can make you stand out to the people above you in your workplace? The sharing economy is here to stay and is much more pervasive that just Uber

We are here to help you build your career. We are here to help you connect with other members and industry professionals. We would love to make that as easy as possible for you; and do as much of the work for you as we can! Doesn’t that sound good? The new IAIP blog was

Every day we are all selling in some capacity – even if we don’t think we are. You may not have “sales” or “business development” in your title, or you may not be directly responsible for selling your company’s products or services. But every day we are selling ideas, suggestions, recommendations, or ourselves. And the