Railroad Protective Liability

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Railroad Protective Liability

by Sharyn M Clark, AU, CPIW

Railroad Protective Liability (RRP) insurance is required of contractors who perform work on or around railroad tracks, railroad right-of-way or owned railroad property.

Why do you need RRP coverage? Construction and demolition operations along a railroad’s right-of-way have the potential to disrupt or even damage railroad operations. Because of this, railroads often require a contractor to assume the railroad’s liability. RRP liability coverage protects railroads from potential financial risk and hazards. Work within 50 feet of a railroad is specifically excluded in standard commercial general liability policies.

What is generally covered by RRP policy?

1.   Third-party BI and PD resulting from the designated contractor’s work if the railroad is deemed liable

2.   Physical damage to the railroad’s property

3.   Defense expenses outside the policy limits

4.   Ongoing operations at a specific job location designated in the policy’s declaration

What’s not covered?

1.   Not designed to replace the CGL policy

2.   Completed operations

What would the insurance carrier need to know?

1.   specific job location

2.   details of the intended work

What are the RRP features, generally?

1.   It’s required by the Railroad Insurance Management Association to be an ISO form.

2.   Occurrence basis

3.   Job/term-based instead of annual policies

Check with your carriers to see if they provide this coverage. Often, it’s not just for their construction customers but can also be offered as a stand-alone policy. Interested in joining an IAIP Special Interest Community? Find out more!

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