Point of View: Past IAIP Regional Vice President

By Christine Chandler Tillett, aPHR, CDP, CLP, CRIS, TRIp, MLIS, CIIP

There have been many great leaders that have gone before me as a Regional Vice President of my area, so my path was clearly laid out for me. What I didn’t anticipate was the knowledge I would receive working on a board. It was enlightening. As a Regional Vice President you have responsibilities not only to your region, but also, play a bigger part to International Association of Insurance Professionals (IAIP) as a whole. Stepping into a Regional Vice President role allowed me growth as an individual and the understanding of the intricate working mechanics of IAIP and the board.

The camaraderie that you experience working on the board can’t be explained, you have to participate and feel the energy of wanting to make changes, and the desire to have the entire association succeed in order to understand what you are experiencing. While working on the board you collaborate with fellow regional leaders on projects and develop a great rapport lasting beyond your term.

The commitment is for two years, and it is important because the first year you are just getting your feet wet in understanding your role. You are paired with a ‘board buddy’ and that is your go-to person. You can ask them anything and if they don’t know, they’ll find out for you and get back to you. It really helps when you are trying to learn a new role and all the operational nuances of that role. Then you have the support of other regional leaders that you can brainstorm with. The second year you are volunteering, and making things happen for the association. Time goes by fast.  

It was truly an honor serving as a Regional Vice President and the knowledge, experience and understanding of how IAIP works was enlightening. I would not trade that experience for anything. Working with the other regional leaders and the executive board was wonderful. I encourage anyone that would like to understand IAIP better to consider running for office. The support mechanism in IAIP is unprecedented. You can reach out to past or present board members, and they will assist.

I am more than happy to discuss my experience with members considering stepping up any time.  I am always open for discussion.

Christine Chandler Tillett, aPHR, CDP, CLP, CRIS, TRIp, MLIS, CIIP served as Region VII Vice President 2021-2023. She has been a member of IAIP since January 2005. During her membership, she has served on, or chaired, numerous local, council, regional and international, positions, committees and task forces. She enjoys training and her focus is conflict resolution. In her spare time, she is an avid supporter of Journey Out that tries to stop youth from becoming human trafficking targets. She loves listening to country and western, supporting her Broncos and bleeds Dodgers blue. She currently is the co-chair of the 2024 Region VII Conference being held in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

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