What’s the IAIP online community all about? 

By Jonel Thames Leake, CPCU, ASLI, AAI, CPIW, DAE, CLP

One of the best features of IAIP’s new website is the online community. Sadly, it is not being utilized as much as it could be. As I traveled around Region I for the recent council days, I discovered that many members are unaware of what it is. As the top contributor to the online community, I am here to share details on what it is and why you should become active. 

The online community is similar to a Facebook page, but all of the participants are IAIP members. You find it by logging onto the IAIP website, scrolling down to My Profile and selecting My Feed. It’s that easy! At this point, you will see a page that is very similar to your Facebook page. It will show posts, photos and comments by various members. 

You may notice that your feed doesn’t seem to show many posts. Just like other social media posts, you only see posts from your connections. You will also see posts by community ambassadors. These ambassadors consist of current board members and IAIP staff members. 

To see more of what is happening, you need to add more connections. This is easy to do. From the IAIP website homepage, go to My Profile and select Connections. In the top middle, you will see Manage Connections. Click on that and you will get a list of individuals you have sent requests to who haven’t responded, if any. Send a reminder if you want and scroll down the page until you get to available connections. Just hit the connection button and you are in business. 

I send connection requests to everyone I see. I want to expand my IAIP network across the country. This will allow me to get responses when I post asking for a referral in Tennessee or a restaurant recommendation for my next vacation. On my feed today, I see information from RVPs spreading the word about Town Hall meetings, invitations to Special Interest Community events, inspirational thoughts, and information on a fundraiser. You are missing so much!

I encourage everyone reading this to login to the online community and start posting and commenting. Build up your connections by making a goal of sending connection requests every day. It only takes a minute or two to meet my goal of sending 10 a day. The more we build this community, the more we will all get out of it!

Jonel Thames Leake, CPCU, ASLI, AAI, CPIW, DAE, CLP is the current Region I VP and is an active member of the online community where she has made connections and strengthened bonds with members in all seven regions. Please send her a connection request today!

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