Why Attend the IAIP Convention

A First Timer’s Perspective

If you’ve never been to an IAIP International Convention, why not be a first timer at the 2023 IAIP International Convention in Providence, Rhode Island? We had a large group of first timers in Louisville in 2022. Here are what a couple of the first timers from 2022 had to say about their experience and why you should attend this year. 

When asked about her experience in Louisville, Marissa Vita from Region V had this to say:

Why did you choose to attend?

“I chose to attend the 2022 event in Louisville because I heard so many great things about the event from other members of my local association. They continued to talk about the experiences and friendships created annually. I am always looking for opportunities to grow in my career and learn from powerful industry leaders. This event seemed to be just the place to do that.”

“I could create a list of favorite experiences, but if I had to choose just one (or two) I would say the keynote speaker really stood out as a memorable experience as well as meeting so many new faces and making countless new friends.”

In a town with signature drinks and menu items, what was your favorite menu item? 

“The whole breakfast spread each day!”

Is there an offsite adventure you went on with IAIP members you would want to share with others? 

“As a Region V group, we went on a riverboat cruise, and it was a really unforgettable experience. Not only was it nice to relax and enjoy each other’s company, but I was also able to capture the most beautiful pictures!” 

Still not convinced to attend the 2023 IAIP Convention in Providence?  Here’s her 60 second elevator speech to convince you to go. 

“Invest in yourself! There is no better place to invest in yourself and your career than in a room full of inspirational industry leaders. The knowledge you will gain and the friends you will make is unmatched.”

Thank you, Marissa! 

Still not convinced? Let’s hear what Kimberly Snavely of Region III had to say when asked for her 60 second elevator speech to convince another member to attend the 2023 IAIP Convention in Providence:

“If you want to spend a few days with some of the most welcoming, endearing, inspiring people in the insurance industry, join me in Providence for some networking. Be prepared to make new lifelong friends and have loads of fun.” 

Go to IAIPconvention.org and register today and we’ll see you in Providence.  Oh, and to our wonderful first timers from 2022 – don’t forget your first timer’s bill of rights responsibility – to attend in 2023 and bring a first timer with you. 

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