Research shows there are four main reasons individuals donate.

#1 – 96% of people give because they feel a sense of duty to give back, to help others.

#2 – 75% of individuals give because of a belief in a specific cause they feel passionate towards.

#3 – 71% of donors look to their religious values as motivation.

#4 – 61% of people speak of personal, life-changing experiences that influenced their giving.

I started my career in insurance in 1974. It was a ‘job’ at that time but over the years it became much, much more. I was not aware of IAIP until 2002. At that time my employer was happy to assist with my membership dues but that was it, the time and other expenses was out of my pocket. After my first convention, I was hooked and knew that somehow, I would maintain my membership, become more involved and attend more conventions – and I did!

It was during that early period that I was introduced to the Founder’s Circle. I thought it was a wonderful way to give back to the industry and at the same time help bring knowledgeable individuals into our work force. So, I began by donating to the Founder’s Circle, then to the NAIW Legacy Foundation. I was and still am so impressed that we have an entity that invests in the strength of our communities and secures the future success of our industry.

I donate because I believe in the purpose and it satisfies my personal values; I personally gain by giving back and helping others; I have been a huge advocate of and very passionate about education; I truly feel that my donation of money and time to Legacy is the right thing for me to do. And, while I have not personally received a grant or scholarship from the foundation, it gives me great pleasure to see individuals use the grants and scholarships to further their education and career.

Donating to the NAIW Legacy Foundation is a win-win proposition. By donating you are providing funds for those grants and scholarships which in turn assists insurance individuals in enhancing their knowledge and leadership skills. You are, in fact, supporting the growth and advancement of insurance professionals and helping to secure the future success of our industry!

Join me in donating to our future!

Geraldine Plott, CPCU, FCLA, SCLA, AIC, ARM, AIS, AINS, CIIP, DAE, CLP-A entered the insurance industry in 1974 and became a member of IAIP in 2002. She has held a variety of positions in both and has always been a strong advocate for education and professional development. She is currently retired but remain an ‘insurance nerd’ and enjoy facilitating and conducting classes/seminars.

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